Firmware 3.53

Firmware 3.52 is now available for download. Download it here!

New “BACK” settings in option “CLOCK OVERLAY” (Now: AUTO/FRONT/BACK/OFF)

The new BACK setting in the clock overlay settings will set the clock to never display in front of the animations. Please note that some animations are made non transparent, and in that case the clock will not be shown at all.

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Firmware 3.52

Firmware 3.52 is now available for download. Download it here!

Support for DMD types F & G
Displayed temperatures now smoothly scrolls out/in when displaying “startup image”
New option to show or hide temperature decimals
No longer possible to select same display position for temperature sensors
Key Text no longer wrongly shows before/after animations
Key Text hidden if CLOCK SHADE set till 0 (OFF)
RTC system temperature removed from boot screen
EXP only shown on boot screen if expansion card is present
Sleep/Wake Up timer changed to configurable time (Function disabled when Sleep/Wake Up set to same time)

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Firmware 3.48

Firmware 3.48 has been released. Download it here!

The new firmware comes with added support for the expansion board EXP TEMP that will be released in a few days. Connect the EXP TEMP to your Run-DMD and display the room temperature (or beer cooler if it’s in the length of the cable away from your Run-DMD).

Changes since last release:

2016-04-01 DMD “HUB08-X” names changed to generic “TYPE-X” due to HUB75 support on Run-DMD RevM PCBs

2016-04-29 Selectable temperature scale (Celsius/Fahrenheit/Kelvin)
Configurable temperature display positions
Adjusted entry of temperature sensors (T1T2) in custom message / key texts


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Firmware 3.45

Firmware 3.45 has been released. Download it here!

The Run-DMD firmware 3.45 has a “shop mode” available. Instead of displaying the clock, you can now setup the Run-DMD in your shop window and show your customers if you are open or closed. For example:

Animation shows -> WE ARE OPEN! -> animation shows -> WE ARE OPEN! …

Changes since 3.42:

  • The new Run-DMD feature ”KEY TEXT” (v3.45) makes it possible to replace the displayed clock with a custom message text. Pressing Run-DMD buttons 2 and 3 will active/deactive the two different key texts available.
  • In order for a key text to be displayed it must first be configured in menu “KEY TEXT” -> “KEY 2 TEXT”/”KEY 3 TEXT” (just like feature “custom message”).
  • If the key text should be displayed in front of any animations, set menu option “ANIMATIONS” -> “CLOCK OVERLAY” -> “ON”)
  • Run-DMD will only display the initial part of the entered “key text” that fits in the DMD area.
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Firmware 3.42

Firmware 3.42 has been released. Download it here!

Changes since 3.31:

2016-01-03 New option “DMD CONTRAST” (HUB08 and Pinball LED DMDs)
Support for Run-DMD EDGE (RevG)
New menu option “TOOLS”/”DMD DETECT”
Detects and reports communication bus errors with RTC or EXP board at boot

2016-02-17 Wake up timer setting is now AM/PM time format aware
New option “CLOCK OVERLAY” in menu “ANIMATIONS” to control if/how clock should be displayed during animations

2016-02-20 Fix: Slow animations/menu system using HUB08 DMDs with firmware v3.41

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Firmware 3.31

Firmware 3.31 has been released. Download it here!

Changelog since 3.28:

2015-11-23 Clock style “TWILIGHT” top of the hour marking adjusted for clearer visual apperence
Fix: When setting current time, seconds in the RTC are set to “00”
New time format option “12h with sec”
“Set time” now uses 12h/24h mode depening on time format set
Reversing button order no longer affects the EXP ONE remote control (with EXP ONE fw 1.07)

2015-12-05 New menu option “TOOLS”/”REBOOT”
Fix: Enabling/Disabling all or group of animations could corrupt data on some SD-card when using a HUB08 DMD
Displays progress when enabling/disabling multiple animations

2015-12-10 New clock styles “CELEBRATION” and “PIRATE”

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